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Why Am I Angry and Annoyed All Of A Sudden?

Impatience is a term that’s often used to describe those times when we seem to get really annoyed really quickly. We can feel quite restless, and might find things quite irritating. As part of these thoughts and emotions we may also find ourselves feeling quite angry, we might loose control and react in a way that’s out of character for us.

These are normal human emotions, and you have the right to feel them and to express them. But you need to release them in a healthy and safe way. If you’re finding that you’re loosing your temper more often than usual, over things that hadn’t bothered you before it could be a sign that your experiencing some anxiety.

People that are suffering with anxiety are often quite irritable and angry. Your mind and body are exhausted, you can feel overwhelmed with worry and stress. This can make it difficult to brush over or shrug off things like you’d done before. For example, you might find that suddenly next doors dog barking becomes really triggering for you. Or maybe coffee mugs being left on the kitchen side instead of the dishwasher sends you into a rage. Although this doesn’t feel normal, and it’s not who you normally are, the feelings and emotions of anxiety are normal.

If the anxiety is causing you to feel angry, and you’re losing your temper. You may then feel more even more guilt and worry because you’ve just an outburst of anger. You might be feeling embarrassed afterwards that you were so angry. In turn this can then mean you start to try and bottle up those angry, irritated feelings because you’re worried about hurting other people’s feelings or damaging your relationships. But ultimately we all know that bottling up our feelings is not good for our mental health, and you’ll likely have an even bigger emotional outburst further down the line.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. With a little support you can start to understand the anxiety and its symptoms. Once you understand it you can then start to overcome it.

Hypnotherapy can help you to understand the anxiety you might be experiencing, and why that anxiety is causing you to feel so irritable and angry. With the support from a professional, qualified hypnotherapist you can then start to retrain your mind and adjust how it reacts to that anxiety. Replacing the anger and irritability with a healthier and more productive reaction.

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