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What To Expect When Working With Me

Hypnotherapy can support you to make new habits, manage symptoms and help ease some conditions. There are lots of different approaches and styles of Hypnotherapy, below I will outline how I work with my clients so you can get a feel for how I could help you. 


Free Discovery Call

 If you are considering Hypnotherapy, or would like to know more about how it could support you achieve succesfull change please book a Free 15 minute discovery call with me. 

We will discus how Hypnotherapy works, and review together how it could help you move forward. 

There is no obligation for you to continue with me, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. 

The reason I offer a Free Discovery call is to make sure Hypnotherapy is right for you, and that you would be comfortable working with me without having to make any financial commitment. 


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is where we talk in more depth about your goals along with what's bought you to Hypnotherapy. I will also ask a few questions to help me build a positive visualisation for you.

We'll also review my client agreement, which outlines what you can expect from me as your Hypnotherapist and what I would expect from you as my client. 

Towards the end of the session I will offer to give you a short Hypnotherapy session to help you relax and have some time for yourself. 


The initial consultation takes between 60-90 minutes and is charged at £70.    


Treatment Plan

At the end of your initial consultation we will have created a treatment plan together. This will give you a rough idea of how many sessions we will have together, what our focus will be and how we will measure our success. 

No two treatment plans are the same. It will be completely bespoke and tailored to your exact goals and prefferences.

Each Hypnotherapy session will start with reviewing progress, and then reflecting on the previous session. I will take on all feedback and may amend the treatment plan if necessary. We'll then move onto the Hypnosis itself. 

Each Hypnotherapy session takes 50-60 minutes and is charged at £70.

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