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The Minds Hidden Maze; Uncovering true anxiety triggers

It’s really common to feel a whirlwind of emotions and symptoms; for some days to be better than

others. One of the common questions I get asked during my free discovery calls is how to know what’s wrong, or what you should get help with first? You’re not alone if you feel this way, I want to share the journey of one client as I think you’ll really relate to her.

To protect client confidentiality I’m going to call this client Betty.

Betty got in contact with me to see if I could help her with panic attacks whilst driving. Betty explained that she’d always been a confident driver, and she’d never suffered with anxiety before so she really didn’t understand why it was happening or how to stop it. We arranged her discovery call, and chatted on the photo for about half an hour, we talked through a few questions about how it would work, what it would feel like and whether online sessions would work (as she felt uncomfortable with driving to face to face sessions). She told me the only thing that had changed since the panic attacks had started were that she’d had been diagnosed with a common medical condition (she was still safe to drive) and she’d moved house. Betty felt that hypnotherapy was a good option for her to try and we arranged her initial consultation where we delved a little deeper and discussed her driving anxiety and panic attacks in detail.

I won’t talk you through the nitty gritty of every session Betty and I had or share any of the personal information from her initial consultation; but I will share a snapshot of her treatment plan and how it progressed throughout her 7 sessions of online hypnotherapy with me.

For the first session we focused the hypnotherapy on increasing Betty’s confidence with driving, and building her belief that she was a safe and capable driver. At the start of the second session Betty mentioned that there was a specific journey where her anxiety started, and where it tends to be at its worst, so for the second session we focused on Betty visualising herself on that road and did lots of positive reframing of her anxious thoughts. We used the same approach for her third session.

At the start of the fourth session Betty shared that one of the symptoms of her medical condition was that her hands would shake from time to time, not enough for others to notice, but she felt self-conscious of it. Together we then explored what impact the hand shaking was having on her, why it was making her self-conscious and how she was managing it at that time. It was during this conversation that Betty realised that her panic attacks and anxiety where not directly related to driving.

Her anxiety and fear was a result of this medical diagnosis. Her anxiety was about her children seeing her sick and having to care for her. For her last three sessions I didn’t mention driving, we switched our focus to be around her health anxiety.

As a result of her hypnotherapy sessions Betty felt that she’d released and let go of so much. She said ‘I never realised the weight of all of this, I feel like I can actually breathe. That big black ball of doom in my stomach has gone.’

I wanted to share some of Betty’s story with you to show that we don’t always know what is causing us to feel unhappy or what’s the cause of a slump in our mental health. And so often, one mental health issue can create another and it’s hard to know which one you need to get help for first. The training I have had, and continue to do, gives me the skills and tools to be able to help you uncover where these feelings are coming from. This is why I offer everyone a free, no obligation discovery call so we can talk about what you’re experiencing and I can help you decide if hypnotherapy is the right choice for you.

Book your call here (even if you've had one before)

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