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Mental Load Overload

Overwhelmed by everything you have to do? The constant To Do list you’re running through in your is never ending? Feeling exhausted from always being busy, but feel like you never get anything done? If you try to stop and slow down, do you feel guilty and punish yourself for not doing jobs and chores? The effort we have to put into everyday life, to make sure things run as smoothly as possible can be draining.

Our daily responsibilities (whether for ourselves or others) can be really overwhelming; having to remember, keep track of an action the tasks of everyday life. It’s the responsibilities, decisions, to do lists and deadlines we’re trying to keep up with.

The mental load of life can cause us to feel a constant worry and stop us from being able to ‘switch off’ resulting in us feeling intense anxiety. You might feel like there’s a constant whirring in your brain or feel like you’ve lost yourself. But please take some comfort in knowing you are not alone. It’s estimated that there are over 8 million people experiencing anxiety in the UK. As we all experience anxiety differently, there is no one guaranteed treatment. There are lots of self help resources available in the form of apps, books and journals. Hypnotherapy is one form of treatment that is growing in popularity.

Hypnotherapy gives you the tools to explore and understand the cause of your anxiety and retrains your brain to react to problematic situations in a more positive and healthier way. By using positive suggestions and visualisations hypnotherapy can ease anxiety, allowing you to stay calm and focused. By focusing your thoughts and clearing the brain fog, hypnotherapy can help you manage your mental load calmly and effectively. The process of hypnotherapy will also bring you some respite by teaching you how to relax and making time to focus on yourself and your wellbeing.

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