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Is your job draining the life out of you?

Following on from world wellbeing week I had a lot of questions about how to look after yourself when your emotionally and physically exhausted. A lot of the people I spoke with were feeling really tired and drained, and felt they were just going through the motions and fighting to just get through the day.

These are common signs of burnout. This is a state of exhaustion which can happen when we’ve gone through a long period of stress, it can also be a result of being in a physical or emotionally draining role. Burnout is often associated to working, and your career (and this includes a role at home such as a carer, a parent and so on). Some of the other signs to look out for are;

- Feeling down, helpless or defeated

- Feeling alone, and lacking emotion

- Feeling quite negative, and struggle to genuinely appreciate anything positive

- Not believing or trusting in yourself, your decisions or your abilities

- Procrastinating, either starting things and not finishing or not starting them at all

- Feeling overwhelmed in general

Burnout is on the increase, the pressures of modern life make balancing our work and home lives difficult. If you ignore the signs of burnout, it is likely to get worse and impact on your physical wellbeing as well as your mental health. This could then impact how well you can perform and engage in your job, and if you’re unable to meet the demands of that role this may then impact other areas of your life and your family. But please don’t feel that this is just you, or that you are the problem.

46% of UK workers feel more prone to extreme levels of stress, compared to March 2020.

1 in 5 people feel unable to manage stress and pressure in the workplace.

If you are in an employed role, then you could speak to your employer and ask what support they offer for mental health and wellbeing. A lot of us aren’t fully aware of all the options our employers have access to so it’s always worth asking.

If you are self employed, are an unpaid carer or are uncomfortable speaking with your employer then you can still access help and support.

Try to get a good nights sleep Take a break from screens, including TV and social media. Do something that helps you relax to help calm your mind and body.

Get into a routine Try to be strict with your time, set a time for when you ‘finish work’ and stick to it. If you can’t get all your work done then it’s a sign you need help and support; and the load is too much for just you.

Make time for fun Schedule in time for you, and use that time to do something for you and that you find fun. Regularly having time for yourself can help prevent burnout.

Ask for help Your health and wellbeing is the most important thing, without it you won’t be able to carry on for long. The longer you leave it, the longer it’s probably going to take for you to recover. You can speak to your GP. You can reach out to a charity such as Mind. You may also want to look at talking therapies such as Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy could help you in many different ways; it gives you time every week to just be yourself without worrying about being judged, whilst you’re in the hypnotherapy session it also gives time to focus on you and not be responsible for anyone or anything else.

Hypnotherapy uses visualisations and breathing exercises to help you

relax. It can teach you how to calm your racing thoughts and worries, and help you ease any pressure you feel you are under. There are lots of different ways your hypnotherapist can help you relax, so even if you find it hard to switch of in every day life hypnotherapy could still help you.

Working with your hypnotherapist you’ll also be able to understand the stress and pressure that is causing you to burnout. You’ll uncover what triggers your stress and then with the support of your hypnotherapist you can start to build healthier coping strategies and new responses when faced with your trigger(s).

If you'd like to find out more about how I could support you in overcoming burnout and managing work stress then please book your free discovery call via the online booking option.

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