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Hypnotherapy For Managing Anxiety

There are over 8 million people suffering with anxiety in the UK*

If you’re suffering with an impending sense of doom, or feeling constantly worried then you are likely to be suffering from anxiety too.

What causes anxiety, and what effect it has on our day to day lives is different for everyone. We all experience it in our own way but often it can make us push away friends and family, you loose interest at work and might be calling in sick. This can then make you worry even more and start to impact on your confidence and self-esteem.

Everyone experiences anxiety in different ways and different intensities, it’s a very personal journey. The treatment of your anxiety therefore need to be tailored to you so it can be as effective as possible. We all experience the world in different ways, and we’ll react to those experiences in our own way. But if you’re finding that you’re being held back by anxiety then it’s time to look for ways to overcome it.

Hypnotherapy can be a very good way of managing and overcoming anxiety. It will help you understand what triggers your anxious feelings and support you in creating new positive reactions instead.; so you’ll start to feel a lot less anxiety.

I tailor all of my sessions to my clients exact needs and goals. We will explore this in a lot of depth during your initial consultation. It takes around 90 minutes and we’ll focus on uncovering what triggers your anxious thoughts, and agree what we want to replace them with (do you want to feel happy, confident, unbothered ect).

Being aware of your triggers and getting to know yourself can have a positive impact on your self-confidence and having that self-awareness can mean you’re able to cope with certain situations better in the future.

As well as helping you create new habits to ease your anxiety Hypnotherapy can help to relax you mind and your body. If you’ve been suffering with anxiety for a while it may be effecting other areas of your life such as sleeping, the deep relaxation you’ll experience will also help you manage this allowing you to be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

* 2013, Mental Health Foundation, Anxiety Statistics

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